Introducing Redwood

Oracle’s new user experience design language

Designers of Oracle

“Working at Oracle design is so great because of the people we get to work with and the scale of impact we get to make. The work we do implementing the new Redwood design system improves the quality of experience that our customers and users have in a really significant way.”

Gerrold San Francisco Bay Area, United States

“Oracle Design has given me the opportunity of working closely and learning from amazing product and brand designers. What I love the most about working at Oracle Design is the team sense we all share- we are truly one Design Team. Having a team that is willing to share knowledge and help out others improve their design skills is something that I am really grateful for. These experiences have helped me to grow my career as a UX Designer having opportunities to collaborate in multiple projects spanning from product, to brand, hiring, and being able to contribute to the growth of the design studio here in Guadalajara.”

Jimena Guadalajara, México

“The Design Community at Oracle is one of the most talented and supportive teams that I've worked with. The innovations I see across all next-gen Oracle apps are immensely inspiring. It is a privilege to be a part of such an accomplished team and to contribute in bringing these apps to fruition.”

Pravin Bengaluru, India

“My favorite part of Oracle design is if you like to do something or eager to learn new things, you can always find opportunities to make it happen here. I like to draw illustrations. Oracle design gives me a chance to be a superhero, who’s not only a UX designer focusing on problem solving, but also an illustrator who designed some really cool pins for different teams. As a reward, I made a lot of new friends.”

Jingyi San Francisco Bay Area, United States

“One user interface we designed was kind of a monster – a large spreadsheet, data-intensive. We thought we could make it more human. There was a geographic dimension to the data so we visualized it on a map and made it really easy for users to identify where the problem might be.”

Daipayan Bengaluru, India

“Being in Oracle Design has been an inspiring experience. I get to watch a change of paradigm from the inside and how form and function not only can co-exist but can also produce feeling. The community is nothing but wonderful and I really do feel that we are growing together with the work we are doing. I think everything can be beautiful and I am glad we are doing that here.”

Andreea Bucharest, Romania

“I became a designer because I love focusing on the details and how the collective result can make a mindful impact for the user. At Oracle, we have the opportunity to innovate and redefine our customer’s experience, one detail at a time.”

Kathleen Seattle, United States

“Our vision for the future is completely customer-focused - we want to help our customers achieve great things. This can’t happen without a unified commitment to design at a grand, company-wide scale. I am very excited and fortunate to be a part of this effort!“

Forrest Seattle, United States

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