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Designers of Oracle

“I really like everything involving design, not just interface design. I like to design posters, t-shirts, everything. Here in Guadalajara every year, we have a t-shirt contest. Whoever wins, their shirt gets printed for all 2,000 employees. Last year, my design won! It was very satisfying. This year I didn’t win and it sucked. But that’s part of it too.”

Antonio Guadalajara, Mexico

“One user interface we designed was kind of a monster – a large spreadsheet, data-intensive. We thought we could make it more human. There was a geographic dimension to the data so we visualized it on a map and made it really easy for users to identify where the problem might be.”

Daipayan Bangalore, India

“I became a designer because I love focusing on the details and how the collective result can make a mindful impact for the user. At Oracle, we have the opportunity to innovate and redefine our customer’s experience, one detail at a time.”

Kathleen Seattle, United States

“I found the perfect job for myself. I love learning about new technologies. I want to learn more every single day. It’s exciting to make something usable and visually exciting at the same time. It’s like solving a puzzle every day.”

Dianne San Francisco Bay Area, United States

“Our vision for the future is completely customer-focused - we want to help our customers achieve great things. This can’t happen without a unified commitment to design at a grand, company-wide scale. I am very excited and fortunate to be a part of this effort!“

Forrest Seattle, United States

We design from all over the world

  • United States
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • Seattle
  • Mexico
    • Guadalajara
  • Czech Republic
    • Prague
  • Romania
    • Bucharest
  • India
    • Bangalore

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